• Bye Bye, Bad Breath.

    Hello, Healthy Mouth

    Meet the Wondrous® Clean Tongue Wand.

    Thoughtfully made in the USA.

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  • The Greener Tongue Cleaner

    We source the safest, cleanest & highest quality medical grade materials.

    Bringing you the cleanest mouth & freshest breath.


    Are you snog-ready?

  • Meet the Wondrous Snog Fairy

  • Magically Transform Your Mouth to Clean

    The Wondrous Clean Tongue Wand: Your super-ninja snog tool for a sparkling clean mouth.

  • World's First:
    Patent-Pending Micro Groove Technology

    • Effortlessly & easily de-plaques the tongue.
    • Provides a deeper clean in-between your tongue's bumps and crevices.
    • Veriflex™ handle is designed for gag reflex reduction.
    • Softer, safer polymer offers a contouring, comfortable clean at any pressure.


  • Testimonials

    A few kind words from our fans.

    Diane Kazer

    Functional Nutritionist, www.dianekazer.com

    “I 💕 this thing! It’s the best I’ve ever used.”

    Lunden Michelle Souza

    Fitness & Wellness Coach, lifelikelunden.com

    “Loving it! It’s like a rake for the tongue.

    Comes with me EVERYWHERE!"

    Liz Ward

    Master Colorist & Hairstylist, Vogue Salon

    "This is my new favorite beauty tool. It's completely addicting."

  • Get your mouth in snog-ready shape today!

    The Wondrous Clean Tongue Wand Promise:

    A healthy, fun & effective tongue cleaning experience for mouths of all sizes.

  • 60 Day Risk-Free

    Happiness Guarantee

    Try for 60-days, and return for a full refund (less shipping & handling) if not satisfied for any reason.

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