• Saving the world one mouth at a time...

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  • Thank you for your interest in Wondrous!

    We are a mission-driven, woman-owned company, located in

    sunny Southern California with a passion for green clean.

    You can reach us at: hello@wondrousoralcare.com or 1.888.470.1881

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    Our secret ingredient – made in USA quality.


    It started with two friends...

    Obsessed with wellness, holistic oral care, innovative design and high quality materials. Mix that with a single dream to reinterpret the familiar tongue cleaner with unexpected, industry-shaking design and the safest endocrine disruptor free materials, made in the USA and voilà! You have Wondrous.


    The Idea...

    The idea came to fruition only after an extensive search for oral care products made in the USA primarily of U.S. origin medical grade materials (think baby bottle/edible safe), that could exceed both U.S. and EU standards. Oh, and did we mention they needed to be manufactured in a FDA registered facility? We found that most companies made their products with materials we wouldn’t want in our mouths or bodies.


    We wanted a healthier option. We wanted a better clean. We wanted medical grade, endocrine disruptor free ingredients. So we created Wondrous for people like us that care not only about quality materials, but also about their origin, how and where they are manufactured, the suppliers we work with, and reusable packaging that takes into account the environment.


    Our Mission

    To provide effective, innovative, U.S. made products that are fun to use and enhance well-being (and snogging!) while providing excellent value.


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  • Wondrous Oral Care Executive Team

    Proudly Bringing the Wondrous to You

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    Lori is an energetic business leader with an extensive background driving creative solutions for Fortune 300 companies. With a passion for leading edge healthy products, she drives strategic and creative direction, ideation, product manufacture, design, development and marketing.

    She holds Masters degree in Organizational Leadership, and graduate and undergraduate degrees in HR and Communication.


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    Ray is a seasoned business leader in Fortune 200 companies. He directs the legal and engineering functions. His IP expertise guides our trademark and patent process, while his unique engineering and technical talents lead our innovative designs. Raymond holds a law degree from Harvard, and graduate and undergraduate degrees from MIT.