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All About the Bass

The Bass brushing technique, that is!

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Did you know that over 90% of adults have some form of active gum disease by age 30? So we’re all about “The Bass”. Dr. Bass’s brushing technique, that is! The small clear brush at the bottom of the image is a bass toothbrush. Dr. Charles Bass was the Dean of Tulane Medical School & a parasitologist who was diagnosed with advanced gum disease. He used his expertise to research a cause (bad bacteria) & created a solution - a toothbrush & brushing method that disrupts & removes bacteria from the teeth & gums. The ultimate testimony was that he passed at an advanced age with all of his natural teeth!

It doesn’t replace your regular brushing, however this technique should be applied anytime you brush your teeth. After we use our sonic toothbrush, we take another minute or to with the Bass toothbrush ( to clean at the gum line with a dry brush. The Bass toothbrush has a slightly shorter handle and fewer bristles, spaced out much farther - as well as rounded tips to the bristles. This unique design allows the bristles to really fit in-between the teeth and gum line, to disrupt bacteria. Its a simple & inexpensive way to make a big impact in your oral health.
Please Google the Bass brushing technique for some great videos online, and see below for a few pointers:
1. Hold the toothbrush gently between your finger tips, like you are holding a pencil. The idea is not to apply pressure, or bend the bristles, but to introduce the bristles to the gum line gently.
2. The brush should be angled at a 45 degrees, so the tip of the bristles are facing into the gum line.
3. Use subtle, small micro-movements, barely moving the brush - very slightly wiggling the bristles in lateral back and forth movements. If you are doing it right, you won’t be able to see much, but you will be able to feel the bristles lightly cleaning at and under the gum line. Remember, the bristles should not bend, so very little pressure is required.
4. Do the micro-movement for about 5 seconds for each toothbrush placement.
Prepare to be amazed at how clean your teeth feel at the gum line!
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