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Do You Know What's In Your Oral Care Products?

You care about the food that goes into your mouth, but what about your oral care products?

Are they really safe? Do you know what is in them? And where and how they are manufactured?

When we first started out with our goal to bring a “greener tongue cleaner” to market, and explained our requirements to our manufacture - they said “no one does that”! Industry insiders confirmed that most dental products were at 15 years behind medical, and most polymers and colorants and even fillers used to stiffen polymer - shouldn’t be put in your mouth! Yes, it’s the secret we call “dirty dental”.

Did you know? Most toothbrushes and tongue cleaners use non-food colorants, and non-food grade fillers for stiffening the the polymer such as talc. That’s assuming they start with one of only two truly safe endocrine disruptor-free polymers, which they probably don’t. If it’s crystal clear, I’d steer clear, because they are probably using an acrylic, or a clarifying agent, which has some nasty things in it, and again, really shouldn’t go in your mouth.

Some good questions to ask include: Where is the product manufactured? Does it meet regulations? Is it registered with the FDA? Is it made in the U.S. or China? How is the oversight? Cleanliness? How are the machines cleaned? What do they use? How is the handling of the product before it packaged?

So many things to consider before you bring a product home and use it in your mouth.

How are we different? We don’t use fillers, we use only a virgin, medical-grade U.S. sourced endocrine disruptor-free, non-toxic polymer made from the same materials as baby bottles, and we use only E.U. food colorants. We carefully monitor every step in the manufacturing process from materials to packaging to make sure we are producing the safest, cleanest products for you and your health.

Just a little peek inside the industry - as we seek to change the world, one mouth at a time..

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