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Post Dental Work Detox Strategies

I’m all for being a little holistic - & I love preventative strategies. So here are a few simple measures to keep yourself healthy and in detox mode after a dental visit. After all, better out than in! Please be sure to check with your physician and educate yourself about any potential prescription interactions before trying.

1) Binders

Binders are substances that ‘bind’ to toxins to help move them out of the body. Some work by trapping the toxins, others also attract the toxin through a negative charge.

  • Activated charcoal is very easy to use and easily available at most health food stores. Extremely porous, it attaches to toxins and traps them. Activated charcoal isn’t absorbable by the body – so it passes through the GI tract taking the toxins out of the body with it. Be sure & keep this at least 2 hours away from any prescription meds.
  • Pectasol-C: Is a pleasant lime-flavored powder made from the pectin in citrus and can be purchased online. Just add a scoop to a glass of water and drink. Considered a very effective binder, it helps to absorb toxic metals and chemicals, and is also considered a blood purifier.

2) Herbs

Cilantro and chlorella are considered safe and natural food-based chelators and binders for heavy metal removal.

3) Liver Support

  • Milk thistle. Is known for being one of the most well-researched plants that both support and cleanse the liver. 
  • Turmeric. Is both high in antioxidants, and supportive of liver function. Research even shows it to speed up recovery healing time. Note: it is only recommended for use after dental work, NOT before due to the natural blood thinning qualities. 

4) Near Infrared Sauna

Unlike a regular sauna, the near infrared has the ability to penetrate deep into fat and connective tissue. It is beneficial in assisting you to remove toxins through the skin via sweating.

5) Ayurvedic Sesame Oil Pulling

Hold a mouthful of unrefined sesame oil in your mouth for 5-10 minutes, until the oil color has changed from golden to white. Swish and “pull it” through your teeth, and intermittently try a chewing motion. Spit it out in trash can (it can clog up sinks). Then gargle and rinse with salt and baking soda - then brush your teeth.

There you go – a few powerful strategies to keep you detoxing after your next dental visit! Here’s to your health!

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