• How to Use Your Clean Tongue Wand

    Deep cleaning action for a healthier mouth and fresher breath.

    Your tongue is home to up to 90% of the bio-film that causes bad breath.

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    1. Rinse mouth, moisten tongue.
    2. Relax and extend your tongue.
    3. Place the clean tongue wand comfortably towards the back of the tongue.
    4. Gently pull forward as you glide down to the tip.
    5. Rinse residue.
    6. Repeat until clean, and bio-film is removed. May take up to 30 "quick" strokes. Increase pressure for deeper cleaning.
    7. Rinse tongue cleaner after each use. Dry before storing.

    Helpful hint: To avoid a gag reflex, try a very wet tongue and exhale during use.

  • Did You Know? You Can Customize Your Clean.

    • Deep Clean: Hold handle closer to the head and increase pressure for a firmer, deeper clean.
    • Gentle Clean: Sensitive mouths can hold the handle farther down for more flex and a gentler effect.


    Recommended Frequency

    • For best results, use twice daily after brushing.

  • How to Clean Your Wondrous Wand

    Because cleanliness = more snogging = happiness!


    Rinse after each use

    Rinse with water and dry.


    2-3 times a week

    Wash with soap & water, or spray with 3% food grade hydrogen peroxide.


    Once a month

    Run through the dishwasher. We're dishwasher friendly.


    Replace & recycle

    This product is designed & tested for years of use with proper care & cleaning. We recommend replacing every 3-4 months for hygiene reasons.

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