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    Revolutionizing Deep Clean.

    • Fresher breath & cleaner mouth.
    • In less than 15 seconds!


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    Dentist & Hygienist Recommended.

    • Made in USA with 98% US ingredients.
    • Highest quality medical grade materials.

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    Be a Breath Boss.

    Effortlessly de-gunk your tongue with the world's first tongue cleaner featuring micro-groove technology.

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  • Your mouth may be dirty...

    but your tongue doesn’t have to be.

    The Wondrous Clean Tongue Wand is your bad ass bio-film buster!

  • Why Micro Groove Technology?

    For a "deeper clean in-between” tongue's bumps and crevices

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    Did you know that up to 80% of the bio-film in your mouth lives on your tongue?

    Your tongue has bumps and crevices that can harbor bio-film & plaque - a common cause of your bad breath.

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    Have you tried flat edge cleaners?

    No thanks! Most flat-edged tongue cleaners remove surface film, but can leave bio-film and debris behind in the bumps and crevices of your tongue.


    Get a deeper clean with the Wondrous Clean Tongue Wand.

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    What about tongue brushing?

    Want some "bad breath" with that? Brazil's University of Sao Paulo found a 75 percent reduction in bad breath compounds using a regular tongue scraper, compared to only a 45 percent reduction when a toothbrush was used to clean the tongue.


    The Wondrous Clean Tongue Wand: giving you a kissable mouth!

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    Did you know?

    The bumps on your tongue are called papillae. Most papillae contain taste buds. That's why when you clean your tongue using Wondrous micro groove technology, your sense of taste can improve!

  • Take the “De-gunk Your Tongue” Challenge.

    De-gunk your tongue, and be completely blown away by the cleaning results!

    • Clean 1/2 Your tongue with Wondrous, and the other 1/2 with tongue cleaner of choice
    • Compare “tongue gunk” removed.
    • Prepare to be amazed!

  • How Does Your Tongue Cleaner Compare?

    Oral care consciously made in the USA from industry-leading non-toxic ingredients.

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    Made in USA. 98% US-Sourced Ingredients!

    • Design & development - 100% U.S. sourced.
    • Medical grade polymer - 100% U.S. sourced.
    • Manufacturer - 100% U.S. sourced.
    • Packaging 100% U.S. sourced.
    • Label & design - 100% U.S. sourced.
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    Safe materials for your health.

    • Highest quality medical grade & FDA food grade materials, sourced to exceed U.S. & EU standards.
    • Manufactured in a U.S. FDA registered dental facility.
    • Made from the same material as baby bottles, our materials are so safe & inert, you can eat it (we don't recommend it)!
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    Free from the bad stuff.

    • Our materials are sourced to be free from endocrine disruptors found in most common plastics: BPA/BPS, parabens, phthalates, PVC, styrenes, heavy metals & allergens.
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    Cruelty free.

    • Our product and packaging is vegan & cruelty free.
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    100% Recyclable.

    • Reusable storage case.
    • Both storage case & clean tongue wand are recyclable.
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    Veriflex™ handle + Softer Polymer = more comfort + greater control.

    • Veriflex™ handle is designed to offer gag reflex reduction.
    • 1" width + lower profile = greater control for mouths of all sizes.
    • Effective, contouring clean for smaller mouths & orthodontia users.